Online training course: Eco-friendly @ work

Online training course: Eco-friendly @ work

Our primary objective with this training course is to guide organizations through their journey towards a
more sustainable future. This comprehensive training program is designed to empower and reskill the
existing workforce, equipping them with the knowledge and abilities required to meet the sustainable
needs of their employers. Our ultimate aim is to enable businesses, as well as private and public
institutions, to achieve economic growth while simultaneously reducing pollution, all by nurturing the
green skills of their employees.
We believe that by learning new skills and improving their capacity to identify green job opportunities,
adults can foster a stronger entrepreneurial mindset, ultimately creating pathways to a more
sustainable future, both for themselves and their peers.
Our program consists of six modules, each dedicated to developing green literacy:

  1. Understanding the Climate and Nature Crisis
  2. The Skills Needed for a Transition to Net-Zero and Zero-Waste
  3. Work-Related Travel: Exploring the Importance of Sustainable Travel and Actions in the
  4. Water Conservation: How to Use Water Responsibly
  5. Supporting Nature and Green Spaces in the Workplace
  6. Recycling Practices

Each module is structured as follows:

  • Objectives
  • Introduction
  • Concise theory accompanied by engaging multimedia content, such as videos, animations,
    images, and graphics
  • Practical activities
  • Quiz to reinforce learning

To ensure the quality of this course, it will undergo an alpha testing phase involving a consortium of
partners who will complete it and provide feedback via a questionnaire. Following this, we will enter the
piloting phase, where each organization will test the program with 15 employees. These employees will
also be asked to complete a feedback questionnaire.
We will assess the qualitative indicators through three dimensions: Efficiency and Effectiveness,
Beneficiary Satisfaction, and Social Impact.
Our target group for this activity comprises 45 employees, including 15 from Italy and 30 from Romania.

Expected Results of this Activity:

  • 1 online training course package featuring 6 modules
  • Alpha testing phase
  • 3 piloting activities
  • 45 participants, all eager to enhance their green skills and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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