The Association Center of Excellence in Permanent Education was founded in 2021 as a response to the
major changes in economic life and on the labor market. The main purpose of the association is to

facilitate the easy transition of insertion into the labor market for adults, offering specific up-skilling and
re-skilling courses on different subjects, and on the other hand, it offers support to companies and
public and private organizations at the local to understand the phenomena of transition and
development in this sector, offering training sessions to employers and counseling sessions for HR


The European Association for Adult Education (EDA) is a research organization established in 2019,
focused on the promotion of education for adults, including young adults. The organization is devoted to
helping adults to acquire knowledge, skills and values needed to lead productive, sustainable, green and
satisfying lives. We propose to create a Learning Europe: a Europe that is able to tackle the future
positively and with all the necessary skills and future skills , knowledge and competences. We propose a
Europe-wide effort to go one step up, to develop a knowledge society that is capable of coping with the
challenges of our time. This demands sustainable investments now on the European, national, regional
and local levels in adult education. This will pay off in the long-term from many perspectives: for
competitiveness, well-being, eco-friendly, recyclable, growth and more.

Cripta Maynarda is an NGO, it was created by the adult educators specialists, almost 2 years ago, for
social development, aimed at promoting lifelong learning, new pedagogies, as well as improving the
awareness, disseminating and promoting green skills values of the European Union and the principles of
the Council of Europe. Cripta Maynarda actively contributes and supports active adults and training
organizastion for adults, participation, sustainable development, social dialogue and cooperation, by
supporting the participation of citizens, NGOs, public and private authorities, in initiatives and programs
promoted by the European Union and Council of Europe, in particular in the field o adults, education,
human rights, sustainability development. Our organization supports the No Hate Speech Movement
campaign through several different actions and covering several fields of expertise. Maynarda Crypt
organizes social events, environmental and monumental tours, promotes sustainable development.