Training Activity for Trainers & Adult Educator Specialists

Training Activity for Trainers & Adult Educator Specialists

Our mission at Green UpSkills is to bridge the gap between education, skills training, and the ever-evolving labor market, ensuring that our results remain relevant today and well into the future. We recognize that creating an environmentally-aware generation, equipped with the knowledge, skills, and education they need, hinges on harnessing the power of digitalization.

In a rapidly changing landscape, the adoption of new technologies is essential for adults and employees to adapt to how knowledge is distributed, shared, applied, and stored. Technological transformations facilitate cross-border connections, enabling adults and employees to share knowledge, ideas, and experiences. Merging green and digital skills empowers societies to reinforce their sustainability agendas and shape a sustainable economy.

The primary goal of our Training Activity for Trainers & Adult Educator Specialists is to equip adult educators with the capacity to revise curricula, enhancing individuals’ adaptability and ensuring they meet the skill requirements for green jobs. By doing so, we enable adults to maximize their employability and adaptability in response to the labor market implications of green growth. Our objective is to develop competencies in adult educators specifically tailored to green skills, with the aim of attracting more individuals to lifelong learning, thus addressing both current and future green skills demands in the workplace.
This intensive 4-day course will delve into topics aligned with the Green UpSkills Methodology,

  1. Introduction to Green Skills & Green Jobs
  2. Sustainable Curriculum for Adults
  3. Tools & Resources Supporting Sustainable Development and Ecological Behaviors at Work
    The teaching curriculum will follow the Green UpSkills model, effectively serving as a pilot test for the
    curriculum and the developed methodology. Participants will engage in interactive sessions and micro-
    group activities.
    The results of this activity will culminate in the development of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)
    in Green Skills, empowering educators and learners alike in the pursuit of a more sustainable future.

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